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My sports blogging career began like many others — with a very small audience while also having no clue about what I was doing.

Back in the summer of 2011 when I just finished getting my Master’s Degree in Sport Management, I wanted to find a way to stay connected to baseball since my full-time job wasn’t directly related to sports. So I came to the conclusion that I’d dust off the WordPress blog I’d had for years but never did anything with and turn it into a blog dedicated to Major League Baseball.

Again, I had no clue what I was doing and the beginning stages of this process didn’t lead to huge viewership numbers, but I was having fun while this hobby quickly turned into an intense passion. Not too long after On The Way Home was up and running, I had gotten discovered from someone over at FanSided. I first signed on as a contributor to Call to the Pen, FanSided’s general baseball site, but my time with the company was dominated by being the editor of Rising Apple, their Mets-centric site.

This led to other opportunities to continue honing my craft at places like Yahoo! Sports and Bleacher Report before getting my first full-time gig at FanDuel. I went from being inexperienced and having no formal journalism training to being a full-time sportswriter within three years of writing my first post for On The Way Home.

After moving on from FanDuel and numberFire, my work can now be seen regularly at Metsmerized Online and The Sports Daily. In approximately eight years of writing about sports (and mostly baseball), I’ve published more than 2,000 articles that have generated 10-plus million page views, while also building a solid following on social media.

A common question I get from those who aspire to break into the industry is, “How exactly can I get started?” Everyone deserves to do something they’re passionate about, which is why I want to help with the products I’ve created, the services I provide, and the free advice and opinion you’ll find right here on Sports Blogging 101.

Thanks for joining us, and I hope to help you along the way to reaching your goals — whatever they may be.