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Sports Blogs 101: How to Start a Sports Blog Udemy Course

Are you tired of telling yourself, “This is the year I’m going to start my own sports blog” or “This is the year I actually start writing about sports”… every year? How do you even get started, especially if you’re not sure what to do first?

That’s a question I get asked rather consistently, which is why I want to help. Here are some of the things you’ll learn by taking my online course:

— Figure out why you want to start a sports blog and what your end goal is.

— How to make life easier with a content strategy that makes sense for you.

— Discover two secrets that’ll immediately build your social media following.

— Learn the value of making old content still drive traffic to your blog.

— And much more!

This course normally retails for $99.99, but Sports Blogging 101 readers get the hook up. Click this link to get lifetime access to the course for just $24.99 — that’s right, a 75% discount!

Sports Blogging 101: How to Turn Your Passion into a Legit Career…Even Without Prior Blogging Experience of Connections in Sports Media Book

If you prefer reading instead of taking an online class, then this is the best option for you. I went through a lot of trial and error during the early stages of my blogging life, wishing there was something I could reference as I went from one step to the next. That’s exactly why I wanted to write this book.

It’s not a blueprint or foolproof plan toward becoming a full-time sports blogger — everyone’s journey is different. However, this is a guide to help you get your sports blogging career off the ground, while having a resource to help with each step in the process.

Here’s what some people are saying about Sports Blogging 101:

This is a great resource for any blogger who wants to turn their energy and passion into something bigger and transformative. Matt has created a brilliant step by step guide on how you can find your niche and turn it into a professional career in blogging. Learn how to build your readership, expand your social media presence, and how to market and monetize your passion for writing. A must-read for all aspiring writers in this digital age. — Joe D.

This book was great, and very informative. I am going to use the steps outlined to take my sports blogging to the next level. — Kylan W.

My book can be found on Amazon in two different formats. For those who prefer eBooks/Kindles to do your reading, you can buy a copy here. If you’re old fashioned (like me), and enjoy physically holding onto a book while reading it, you can buy a copy here.

Coaching and Consulting

Do you have a bunch of ideas and aren’t sure which one to pursue first? Do you want to get your sports blogging career off the ground, but always seem to have a problem getting started? Have you gotten your blog established and need help progressing to the next level?

It can be very helpful to have someone else to speak with about these things. Someone who can act as a sounding board and mentor along the way. After all, being a sports blogger is a grind — encouragement is needed to help propel you toward your goals!

I’m more than happy to help as a coach and consultant. All Sports Blogging 101 readers are eligible for a free 15-minute consultation before having the option to transition into a longer-term relationship. Click this link to contact me and get an initial meeting on the schedule.